First Metro, incorporated on August 30, 1972, started its operations as an investment house with quasi-banking functions in May 1974. Fast forward 26 years later to the year 2000, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company bought a majority stake in Solidbank, and proceeded to merge with First Metro.

The resulting company from the merger, which was named First Metro Investment Corporation, retained its quasi-banking license, with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas officially giving its nod on the merger on November 8, 2000.

Consequently, First Metro Investment Corporation became the first and only publicly listed investment bank in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Additionally, First Metro Investment is a government securities eligible dealer (GSED) licensed by the Bureau of the Treasury.


Currently, First Metro performs three strategic functions:

Investment Banking & Strategic Finance helps build businesses through debt and equity underwriting and arranging, as well as syndicating large, long-term funding requirements and financial advisory. We provide loans to institutional clients to support liquidity or capital buildup, expansion, restructuring, and acquisitions or buyouts.

Treasury manages the liquidity and funding requirements of First Metro Investment, and the distribution of financial instruments such as government securities and corporate papers.

Investment Advisory develops and enhances the wealth of private clients, uncovering investment opportunities and seeking a thorough understanding of the market through first-hand research.